Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cycle Safe and Civil: A Statement of Joining Posted Group Rides

1) By coming to a posted ride you are in fact agreeing to abide by all guidelines either posted with the ride, communicated to you at the pre-ride meeting or referenced by the ride leader(s) during the ride. Ignoring these guidelines is not an option. Those who lead our rides deserve our support as otherwise they may decide it’s not worth the effort to organize, post and lead rides.

2) If you have a problem with someone or some behavior for any reason during a ride, please let the ride leader(s) know and he/they will deal with the problem. Please do not verbally or physically threaten anyone as we believe all cyclists should feel safe.

3) I propose that we designate multiple ride leaders (can be done just before the ride) who will deal with any major disagreements as a leadership group.

4) Safety includes obeying all traffic laws, most notably riding two abreast and not crossing the yellow/white line into oncoming traffic.

5) All cyclists on a ride are responsible for themselves and all other cyclists in the group. Everyone has a duty and right to speak to safety concerns and we would ask that this be done in the spirit of civility even when attempting to address dangerous or disruptive behavior.

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