Saturday, November 29, 2014

globalbike Spartanburg Winter Bike League 2014/2015 at RJ Rockers

globalbike Spartanburg Winter Bike League 2014/2015 at RJ Rockers


Grain District lot at corner of Daniel Morgan and Broad St. The LOT entrance is at W Broad Street/S Daniel Morgan Ave (passing RJR on your LEFT, take the next RIGHT, and the entrance is a very small turn-in RIGHT immediately after W Broad crossing on you left and right).

Hosted by:

RJ Rockers Brewing Company
226-A West Main Street
Spartanburg, SC 29306
Phone: (864) 585-BEER

Please join RJR for a Saturday tasting after WBL!

Organized and Supported by:


globalbike Spartanburg

Schedule (updated weekly):

January 24, 2015 -- 10 am start; 3 open zones; store stop (options at about mile 27 and 45)

A Group: 3 open zones; 72.5 miles; riders expected to maintain contact with main group between zones, regrouping after mechanicals and at end of zones

Course: (zones, hazards, store stop marked)

Zone 1 - Walnut Grove outbound (approx. 5 mis with slight right at Y but no turn; locals know this as the Thursday night Z1)

Zone 2 - Horseshoe Falls climb out from entrance, 3+ mis

Zone 3 - Inbound Riddle, approx. 3 mis (CAUTION: new road, new zone)

B Group: TBD

C Group: Dietmar (leader); 35 mis. moderate pace, regroups, no zones

January 17, 2015 -- 10 am start; 3 open zones; store stop

A Group: 3 open zones; 64 miles; riders expected to maintain contact with main group between zones, regrouping after mechanicals and at end of zones

Course: (zones, hazards, store stop marked)

Zone 1 - Whitestone outbound

Zone 2 - Mudbridge Rd (AFTER neutral climb)

Zone 3 - Jerusalem

B Group: TBD

C Group: TBD

January 10, 2015 -- DUE TO COLD TEMPS, NOON START 

A Group: 50+ mis. training ride/ open zones TBD


West Springs loop

Open zones TBD

NO store stop

B Group: TBD, same route, more moderate pace and regroups.

C Group: Teresa Hrubala, leader; 30 +/- mis

January 3, 2015 CANCELED due to rain/cold

December 20, 2014 CANCELED due to rain/cold

December 13, 2014

A Group: 60 mis. steady, base ride with no open zones.

Route: [UPDATED 11/30/14]

Store stop at 27-28 mis mark (Valero in Cross Anchor at I-26)

B Group: Dietmar (leader), same route, more moderate pace and regroups.

C Group: Short route, 2hr/ 25-30 mis; John Verreault (leader)

December 6, 2014 CANCELED due to rain

General Information:

December routes will be about 3-3.5 hrs, no official zones, a brisk and steady pace for EXPERIENCED and FIT cyclists (not for beginners or those regaining their fitness).

A Group each week; B Group (etc.) TBD, updated weekly.

January – February will include routes of 3.5-6 hrs with multiple open zones each ride. Routes will be posted each week prior to the ride.

Meet at 9:45, plan to ROLL at 10 am. I’ll try to post cancellations by 7 am Saturdays at the latest.

No fee, but we request you consider donations to globalbike:

If we secure a SAG, we’ll ask for tips also. [Anyone eager to SAG, email ME ONLY.]

Routes will have store stops, but all cyclists will be expected to be self-sufficient, to know the routes, and to be prepared to complete rides without the group if unable to keep up.

Question and suggestions welcomed, but email ME ONLY.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

RESCHEDULED: RJ Rockers Spartanburg Metric Century/ 16 August 2014

RJ Rockers Spartanburg Metric Century/ August 16, 2014

Parking at Grain District lot (same as July 4 ride) corner of Daniel Morgan and Broad St
Sign in at RJ Rockers (not where noted in image above, but at RJR, as noted on map). RJR will be open after the ride for their Saturday beer tasting and please plan to join! Visit RJR's web site

Plan to stay for food and join RJR tasting from 12-4 after your ride! Food option TBD

RJ Rockers Brewing Company
226-A West Main Street
Spartanburg, SC 29306
Phone: (864) 585-BEER

Ride time 8:30. Please sign in between 7:30-8:15. We roll promptly at 8:30. Raffle AFTER ride at RJR.

Metric century 63.8 mis (see Ride with GPS for cue sheet):

Route rolls through downtown Spartanburg and then out Union St toward Camp Croft. Then we head out Southport Rd through Whitestone to West Springs, where we head to Buffalo. After the store stop in Buffalo (on Hwy 215), we return parallel to the outbound roads to Pacolet before turning onto Hwy 150 and then retracing the course back in on Whitestone, Southport, Dairy Ridge, and into town on Union St.

***Register for 6 September 2014 Tour de Paws!***

Preliminary plan:

A/B group with 3 open zones:
  1. Z1 - Whitestone outbound - 3 +/- mis
  2. Z2 - West Springs climb/LEFT ACROSS TRAFFIC [obey traffic laws and safety; do NOT blast left if oncoming traffic because this is an open zone and not a race]/Mudbridge Rd (roll easy to store for regroup) - 7.5 +/- mis
  3. Z3 - Whitestone inbound - 3 +/- mis
B group, no zones, no drop [RIDE LEADER(S): Rick Rowe, Dietmar] - Please email ME ONLY if you can help lead this ride

C group [RIDE LEADERS(S) Michael Powell; 28 mis route]

• Short route? [RIDE LEADER(S) NEEDED; email ME ONLY]

Family/children's ride - Karl Johnson will lead this (similar to July 4)

• If you have questions, concerns, ideas, please email ME ONLY ASAP.

*** This will be great preparation for the Tour de Paws September 6, 2014 ***

Sponsorship and support:

RJ Rockers (

globalbike (

Spartanburg Club Chapter (

The Freewheelers of Spartanburg (

Boyd Cycling (


BikeStreet USA Spartanburg (
106 Franklin Avenue, Suite C
Spartanburg, SC 29301

Zaxby’s ( gift certificates

REVOLUTIONARY Spartanburg (– Tervis Tumbler; sleeve (3) Titleist ProV1 golf balls

Growler Haus ( gift certificates

NO entry fee. (We may secure a SAG, and then may ask for donations for the SAG's time and effort. As well, we will offer information for ways to donate to globalbike [], but this is purely voluntary.)

GOALS: (1) Promote good stewardship of the roads in greater Spartanburg, (2) increase the strong relationship between the cycling and Spartanburg communities, (3) promote awareness of cycling and the growing downtown in Spartanburg, and (4) encourage cyclists to support local businesses and organizations.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

ANNOUNCING: Two Spartanburg Metric Centuries (July 4 and August 9, 2014)

Please mark your cycling calendars for TWO first-annual METRIC centuries from downtown Spartanburg.

Parking, staging area:

These rides, we hope, will become annual events, and will share the following:
RJ Rockers August 9 Metric Century
We will announce better details and confirm everything closer to the events. Of course, everything is dependent on weather, etc. If you have suggestions or feedback, email ME ONLY ASAP.

The events:

1st globalbike Spartanburg chapter July 4 Metric Century / 2014

PLEASE plan to join us Friday July 4, 2014 for our 1st globalbike Spartanburg chapter Metric Century. The ride has no entry free but we encourage you to visit globalbike ( and consider making a donation soon ( The event details:
  • Sponsorship and support provided by globalbike (, globalbike Spartanburg chapter (, RJ Rockers (, The Freewheelers of Spartanburg ( and PAL (
  • NO entry fee. (We may secure a SAG, and then ask for donations for the SAG's time and effort.)
  • GOALS: (1) Promote good stewardship of the roads in greater Spartanburg, (2) increase the strong relationship between the cycling and Spartanburg communities, (3) promote awareness of cycling and the growing downtown in Spartanburg, and (4) encourage cyclists to support local businesses and organizations.
  • 8:30 am start
  • Park in Grain District lot across from RJ Rockers (near W Main Street and S Daniel Morgan Ave)
  • Metric century route (62 +/- mis): may be marked by ride day, BUT come prepared to know the course!
  • Group ride modeled on our usual eride format (we encourage and request B and C group ride leaders; please email ME ONLY).
  • After the main ride leaves, Karl Johnson will lead a FAMILY/CHILDREN'S ride to Duncan Park.
This event is NOT A RACE, and we will be riding OPEN ROADS. All laws must be obeyed, including stopping at stop signs/red lights, remaining 2-abreast, not crossing the yellow line, and above all else, riding safely and with due respect for the local roads and motorists.

PLEASE register at the sign-in table between 7:45 - 8:15. The Freewheelers and PAL will monitor sign-in and we hope to have some goodies at the table (stay tuned).

PLAN to visit our great downtown Spartanburg after the ride! We are working on securing some incentives for you to patron local restaurants, etc.!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My Assault Results

Can't find everything, and my artifacts (patches, t-shirts, Freewheeler links to past results) are contradictory, but here is what I have cobbled together:

Assault on Mt. Mitchell

Year, Time, Place

1988, 7:11, 342

1989, 6:57, 352

1990, DNF

1992, Finished, but no time recorded (7:15?)

1993, ?

1994, 6:34, 107

2004, 7:58

2005, 7:34, 88 (117-mile edition)

2006, 6:09, 59

2007, 5:57 (best time), 62

2008, DNF

2009, 6:25, 93

2010, 6:10, 75

2011, 6:22, 123

2012, DNF

2013, 6:16, 86

2014, 6:23, 58 (best place)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

FOR SALE: HED wheels, SRAM Red TdF edition partial group

HED Bastogne 2010 wheel set 9/10 sp Shimano/SRAM hub
23 mm width rim
1480+/- g set
Excellent condition, never wrecked, never out of true or a broken spoke

[This set has been replaced by a new name at HED, and my set falls between the Ardennes SL and LT here: ]

$575 OBO


SRAM Red Tour de France (Yellow) Special Edition group
Pre-2010 version of Red 10 sp

Red shifters, rear der, brakes, BB, crank (172.5 mm with 52/36 CR installed and 50/34 incl), 2010 Force front der; lightly used chain, and used cassette available

$595 OBO

Monday, March 24, 2014

Respect the Road. Respect the Ride.

Respect the Road.

Please read the following and note that all posted rides (and any time a cyclist is riding on open roads) are bound by the need for cyclists to respect the laws that govern the use of those roads, to consider how cyclists present themselves to motorists and the public, and to honor the safety of fellow cyclists:

Changing Group Road Ride Behavior, Richard Fries

Respect the Ride.

As noted in Cycle Safe and Civil: A Statement of Joining Posted Group Rides, any cyclist who joins a posted group ride is accepting the ride as posted and is expected to conduct him/herself within the guidelines of that ride. Every cyclist at a posted ride should seek to help ride leaders maintain a safe ride that fulfills the parameters of the ride posted.

Cyclists with individual training needs may not wish to join structured group rides, and are asked not to seek ways to turn structured group rides into his/her own training event. Anyone is free to post his/her own ride, as well, if the structure of existing rides is not suitable.

Joining group rides also requires more than fitness from any cyclist: know how to handle safely your bicycle in a group setting, be properly fit on your bicycle and have the bicycle in proper working condition, be self--sufficient (spare tube, CO2, cell phone, etc.), and know appropriate group and fast-paced cycling etiquette (do not ride more than 2 abreast, do not cross the yellow line, do not make sudden movements, etc.).