Sunday, June 15, 2014

ANNOUNCING: Two Spartanburg Metric Centuries (July 4 and August 9, 2014)

Please mark your cycling calendars for TWO first-annual METRIC centuries from downtown Spartanburg.

Parking, staging area:

These rides, we hope, will become annual events, and will share the following:
RJ Rockers August 9 Metric Century
We will announce better details and confirm everything closer to the events. Of course, everything is dependent on weather, etc. If you have suggestions or feedback, email ME ONLY ASAP.

The events:

1st globalbike Spartanburg chapter July 4 Metric Century / 2014

PLEASE plan to join us Friday July 4, 2014 for our 1st globalbike Spartanburg chapter Metric Century. The ride has no entry free but we encourage you to visit globalbike ( and consider making a donation soon ( The event details:
  • Sponsorship and support provided by globalbike (, globalbike Spartanburg chapter (, RJ Rockers (, The Freewheelers of Spartanburg ( and PAL (
  • NO entry fee. (We may secure a SAG, and then ask for donations for the SAG's time and effort.)
  • GOALS: (1) Promote good stewardship of the roads in greater Spartanburg, (2) increase the strong relationship between the cycling and Spartanburg communities, (3) promote awareness of cycling and the growing downtown in Spartanburg, and (4) encourage cyclists to support local businesses and organizations.
  • 8:30 am start
  • Park in Grain District lot across from RJ Rockers (near W Main Street and S Daniel Morgan Ave)
  • Metric century route (62 +/- mis): may be marked by ride day, BUT come prepared to know the course!
  • Group ride modeled on our usual eride format (we encourage and request B and C group ride leaders; please email ME ONLY).
  • After the main ride leaves, Karl Johnson will lead a FAMILY/CHILDREN'S ride to Duncan Park.
This event is NOT A RACE, and we will be riding OPEN ROADS. All laws must be obeyed, including stopping at stop signs/red lights, remaining 2-abreast, not crossing the yellow line, and above all else, riding safely and with due respect for the local roads and motorists.

PLEASE register at the sign-in table between 7:45 - 8:15. The Freewheelers and PAL will monitor sign-in and we hope to have some goodies at the table (stay tuned).

PLAN to visit our great downtown Spartanburg after the ride! We are working on securing some incentives for you to patron local restaurants, etc.!

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