Monday, March 24, 2014

Respect the Road. Respect the Ride.

Respect the Road.

Please read the following and note that all posted rides (and any time a cyclist is riding on open roads) are bound by the need for cyclists to respect the laws that govern the use of those roads, to consider how cyclists present themselves to motorists and the public, and to honor the safety of fellow cyclists:

Changing Group Road Ride Behavior, Richard Fries

Respect the Ride.

As noted in Cycle Safe and Civil: A Statement of Joining Posted Group Rides, any cyclist who joins a posted group ride is accepting the ride as posted and is expected to conduct him/herself within the guidelines of that ride. Every cyclist at a posted ride should seek to help ride leaders maintain a safe ride that fulfills the parameters of the ride posted.

Cyclists with individual training needs may not wish to join structured group rides, and are asked not to seek ways to turn structured group rides into his/her own training event. Anyone is free to post his/her own ride, as well, if the structure of existing rides is not suitable.

Joining group rides also requires more than fitness from any cyclist: know how to handle safely your bicycle in a group setting, be properly fit on your bicycle and have the bicycle in proper working condition, be self--sufficient (spare tube, CO2, cell phone, etc.), and know appropriate group and fast-paced cycling etiquette (do not ride more than 2 abreast, do not cross the yellow line, do not make sudden movements, etc.).

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