Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cancun Route

The Cancun route has some variations, but the basic route has been marked in the past and the route has been included on the email before. . .
The route:
Old Anderson Mill Rd to L on Anderson Mill Rd.
R on Monroe Rd to R on Hwy 290
L on Blackwood Store Rd
R on Bethany Church Rd
L on Hwy 417
R on Lightwood Knot Rd
L on Greenpond Rd
Cross Hwy 417
L on Switzer-Greenpond Rd (Zone 1)
L on Old Spartanburg Hwy
R on Old Switzer Rd
Cross Hwy 221
L on Oakview Farm Rd
L on Price House Rd
L on Hobbysville Rd (Zone 2)
Cross Hwy 221
L on Hwy 290
R on Anderson Mill Rd (Zone 3 to I-26 bridge overpass)
R on Old Anderson Mill Rd

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