Friday, February 19, 2010

New Bronco 35 loop?

See the new route (as designed by Steve Verdell) at this MapMyRide link.

Attack Zone 1 = 3.5 miles from RIGHT onto Walnut Grove Rd. to LEFT on Old Hills Bridge Rd.

Attack Zone 2 = 3.6 miles from Price House Rd (no turn, passing this road on the left as start) to Hwy 221 (same attack zone as in the past except we begin this road earlier, not the zone)

Attack Zone 3 = 3 miles from bridge after turning onto Anderson Mill Rd off Hwy 290 to bridge overpass of I-26

This new route for Thursdays is being DISCUSSED and CONSIDERED as we shift the Old Cancun ride form Wed to Thurs this coming March 18. . .


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