Friday, June 4, 2010

Cancun Summer Solstice Ride-o'Fun June ???

Here is the proposed extended route for a June 24 Cancun ride. . .

The attack zones will be:

ONE: Old Switzer Rd. after crossing Hwy 221. . .3+ mis to the line at the end (old zone we do not do any more, ending at Price House)

TWO: After RIGHT at end of Shaw Rd, Old Hills Bridge Rd. . .3 mis to stop ahead sign before ending at Hwy 146

THREE: Beginning at bridge over river on Morris Bridge Rd which becomes Hobbysville Rd. . .This EXTENDS usual second zone to a 5 mis ripping zone! ending as usual at stop ahead sign before ending at Hwy 221

FOUR: Bridge to bridge usual last zone on Anderson Mill Rd/Old Anderson Mill Rd. . .3 mis of pure hill. . .

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