Saturday, October 19, 2013

Spartanburg Winter Bike League 2014

Spartanburg Winter Bike League 2014

Weather alerts/cancellations/delays will be emailed as soon as possible each week, no later than 8 am Saturday morning.

Sign in/check in at BikeStreet USA by 9:30 am, announcements 9:45 am, roll out 10 am

February 8 -- 2 open zones, 80 mis


A Group

Zone 1 -- West Springs climb zone (+/- 3 mis)

Zone 2 -- Jerusalem Rd in-bound 6-7 mis

B Group TBD (please contact me only if you can lead

February 1 -- 3 open zones, 77 mis

A Group


Zone 1 -- Greenpond Rd

Zone 2 -- Horseshoe Falls climb from park entrance, return

Zone 3 -- Old Hills Bridge Rd to Hwy 50

B Group


January 18 -- Open Zones 

A Group

Route -- Buffalo loop (approx. 71 mis):

Open Zone 1 -- Mudbridge Rd outbound (approx. 6-7 mis); store stop after

Open Zone 2 -- Morris Bridge/Hobbysville inbound (approx. 4.5 mis)

B Group

Dietmar, ride leader

50 miles


Tentative Schedule 2013/2014:

December 7, 14, 21*; January 4, 11, 18, 25; February 1, 8

[*December 28 will be the Winter Century; see Richard White's emails and please join us.]

Sponsor: Spartanburg Globalbike club team (

Co-Sponsor/ B-ride: Spartanburg Freewheelers (

Host: BikeStreet USA Spartanburg (

106 Franklin Avenue
Spartanburg, SC 29301
M-F 10am-6pm Sa 10am-5pm

Route #2, December 21: 70+ mis, to old TdP route; store stop approx. 40-mis mark

Route #1, December 7, 2013: 60 mis with Horseshoe Falls loop; store stop approx. 37-38 mis mark

A and B groups will follow the same course above.

A group SAG has been confirmed.

B group leader: Karl Johnson, B-pace, no drops

Purpose: Base miles and training for racing and/or major events such as the Assault and other spring/early summer centuries


       No charge for these events (SAG donations recommended)
       Sign in at BikeStreet USA by 9:30 am, announcements 9:45 am, roll out 10 am (starts may be delayed for extreme cold; changes will be emailed by 8 am Saturdays)
       Open roads, obey all traffic laws, ride 2-abreast, safety FIRST
       Routes, distances TBD, varying from 60-100+  mis. Routes will be posted before each ride so be sure to have the route with you for the ride! Courses will NOT be marked. Routes will be designed to include store stops.
       December rides will be steady A-pace or B-pace (as appropriate for each group), brief regrouping as needed, possibly one open zone; ride lengths from 60-80 miles with different routes each week
•     Annual winter century (formerly "Terry's Taproom Century") falls on Saturday, December 28, thus no SWBL will be posted
       January to mid-February A-rides will have 2-4 open zones, steady A-pace between zones, regroup (within reason) as needed (similar to weekday zone rides in Spartanburg during the summer), lengths from 60-100+ mis with different routes each week
       Riders should be experienced, in shape, and willing to ride safely in large groups; not for beginners
       Ride will be "at your own risk" and you need to be self-sufficient (proper equipment, know the routes, have your cell phone, etc.) Be sure to have $$$ for the store stops.
       Sags will be sought out, but provided only as we can arrange; if we have a sag, we'll ask for voluntary $$ to support the sag
       Weather permitting; cancellations announced by EMAIL by 8 am Saturdays
       Re-schedule rides may be posted on Sunday

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